About Us

Cloud9 Consulting, Inc. is a business technology consulting company. The service we provide is vast and highly valuable to any company evaluating their technology solution needs. Cloud9 Consulting is a business partner with Telarus; a company widely viewed in the business technology industry as the premier Master Agent. We work with business customers to help them determine what their best technology solutions are. When we pin down solutions that our business customers find attractive, we submit for proposals from several carriers that can provide the services required and help our client find the best value.

Some may wonder what a Master Agent is, or a consultancy company such as Cloud9 Consulting. A Master Agent is a company that has agreements with most of the business technology providers in existence. The companies we represent range from large telecommunication corporations to specialty companies with cloud solutions, security solutions and unified communications as their main product sets. With this business platform we work with business customers to determine what their current and future needs are, then help align them directly with the service providers to implement chosen solutions. We are compensated by the technology provider, so there is no charge to our business customers for our service.

My name is Michael Dougherty. I am the CEO of Cloud9 Consulting. Next is a little background in regards to my experience. I first was hired by SBC/AT&T in January of 2003 as a Business Account Executive. I left AT&T in September of 2016 and at that time held the title of Fiber Account Executive II, a senior position. During my tenure my focus was on assisting business customers with a variety of business technology solutions including but not limited to voice, data and mobility solutions.

I have worked with many technologies over the course of my career. The primary product solutions I work with include Cloud products, POTs lines, PRI, Voip, shared data, dedicated data, MPLS networks, integrated circuits(voice and data), mobility services, mobility business applications and security products.

My priority when working with business clients is to help them find the most efficient and reliable solutions to ensure their sustained operations in regards to voice, data and technology. I take great pride in providing the best customer service I can. I understand how important and time sensitive it is for a company to be able to gain quick resolutions in times of need.

In late 2016 I founded Cloud9 Consulting, Inc. As a business technology agent with nearly 100 carriers in my portfolio, I assist in providing the technology solutions all businesses need with a carrier agnostic approach. I am excited with this platform as it allows my company to be a single source for business technology solutions. Please see our Why Us section to better understand the value of working with a technology agent.