Data Services

DATA SERVICES: Data services are integral to almost every business in existence today. There are several forms of data. There are shared services, dedicated services, private lines, private networks, satellite, microwave and cellular data services. There are a wide variety of services available to business customers depending on their needs. With today’s technology advancements of cloud based services we are entering a phase where data services are a critical consideration, as to many it is the underlying foundation for their communications and operations. Some services are listed below as an overview of types of data based services.

  1. DSL and Broadband internet services
  2. MIS: Managed Internet Services
  3. DIA: Dedicated Internet Access, managed including router or unmanaged using customer routers
  4. Flex: Dedicated internet circuits including data and voice for cost efficiency
  5. MPLS: privatized meshed data networks linking multiple sites together for intranet presence among included sites
  6. Transport options including traditional copper T-1 services, Ethernet over Copper and Fiber
  7. Mobility services for data accessibility in the field as well as linking back to the company servers or cloud based content
  8. Collocation for housing of corporate servers in secure data centers
  9. Private line; dedicated circuits linking two or more locations for secure data transfer between sites
  10. Satellite and Microwave Internet; Internet services for geographically challenged locations
  11. International Data: Internet services for International locations
  12. Video conferencing
  13. SD WAN