Voice Services

VOICE SERVICES: Voice services come in many forms. We have several options including traditional analog copper phone lines, dedicated voice services, VoiP(voice over internet protocol), cellular voice and trunk lines. With the advancement of technology most companies are considering or transitioning from their past voice solutions. Traditional services have become expensive and have limited features, whereas in today’s world customers have options to reduce cost and gain a tremendous amount of functionality with feature rich options that positively affect production, mobility and drive efficiencies.

  1. POTS lines; traditional copper plain old telephone service
  2. Centrex lines; feature rich lines allow for inter office extension dialing. This is an outdated service and being phased out by most providers.
  3. PRI/SIP; these are voice services utilizing differing protocols to deliver voice services providing value and cost efficiency. Generally you will need a PBX that is capable of being programmed or that includes hardware in order to deliver the voice service to end users.
  4. Voip; this technology is becoming more prevalent due to the operating expense model relieving the capital expenditure model and IT Staff costs. This is a feature rich product integrating voice, presence, collaboration, conference and video conferencing services. Voip will allow a business client to capture all the features of a PBX without the cost of purchasing. Along with the reduction of capital expenditure it allows customers to retain their business presence anywhere they travel that internet is available, and provides an innate redundancy for failover in disaster situations. The features are vast and the value of this technology is changing the model of current business technologies.
  5. Cellular; utilizing Smartphones and other data connected devices is now common practice for businesses with mobile workforces. Integrating unified communication services, business applications and accessibility from nearly everywhere drives efficiency and collaboration. Companies are nimble, efficient and able to provide superior customer service to their clients keeping them competitive and leaders in their industry.
  6. Voice conferencing